Welcome to my PHYSICAL FEST'S BLOG!!!
My name is Mariana Pires and I'm a portuguese actress doing a traineeship with Tmesis Theatre. I created this blog to share with you my experience as Physical Fest Assistant and I can't wait for your feedback!!!

Here you can check the LATEST NEWS of Physical Fest 2019, take sneaky peeks of the works in progress, discover some facts about the artists and see what happens backstage! 

But first, check out our programme HIGHLIGHTS in this brilliant film from First Take!

Visual Minutes

Visual Minutes are a live, ilustrated record of events, meetings or conferences.

This year Gill Smith captured our audience feedback in a funny and very original way. She's an amazing profesional and such a nice person!!!

‘DIVE’ Feedback

‘Dive’ is a platform for companies/ artists to show works in progress of new physical work. This year Physical Fest presented 3 extracts of exciting work from across Europe in clown, bouffant and physical theatre.
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Teatro Pomodoro (UK) – ‘Fish Out Of Water: A Shipwrecked Odyssey’
‘Like I was in another world.’
‘I had a jump in the past and in the future. I felt for the first time in a time machine.’
‘Humorous, inventive, inclusive.’
‘Zany, engaged, imaginative, challenged.’

‘The mark of a good work in progress is to leave you wanting more and Teatro Pomodoro definitely achieved this with their playful take on this Greek classic.’
Northwestend ★★★★

Paula Valuerca, Madame Señorita (SPAIN) – ‘Esposa’
‘I could not stop laughing! Hilarious. What a performer.’
‘<3 yes. Related to our scouse Señorita – VERY GOOD!!! Best thing I’ve watched in a LONG time.’
‘Uplifted! Inspired! Entertained!’

‘This is a fresh and funny performance from an assured and con…

Performances Feedback

What a brilliant week!!!

As physical fest volunteer I had the opportunity to see all the performances and I must tell you that I got inspired by every single show. Especially by performances that explored themes like gender, sexuality, empowerment and contemporary issues that affect our days. Each show was different from another, so I could see many physical theatre languages and be part of the best theatre in the world.  Physical Fest was a unique opportunity to meet incredible international and national artists.
Check out some moments and feedback from our audience! 

"Butt Kapinski", Private Eye - DeannaFleysher

'Accomplished clown genius.'

'Totally different to anything ever seen before- absolutely loved it!' 'One of the best things I’ve seen.'

'It makes me happy knowing there is something like this going in Liverpool, where creatives can attend to perform and get inspiration.'

‘Butt Kapinski is a wondrous thing; a comedic tour-de-force that surpasse…

Workshops Feedback

What an amazing week of WORKSHOPS!
Physical Fest offered a unique opportunity to meet and train with incredible international and national artists and to learn different physical theatre techniques.
Taking part of the workshops and learning some new techniques helped me to develop some useful physical theatre skills. I can’t wait to apply that in my future shows!
Check out some moments and feedback from our participants ;)

"The Expressive Ensemble" - Tmesis Theatre

'Fantastic and enriching!  Full of challenge and play.'
'Wonderful!  Very good learning experience but also good atmosphere.'
'Engaging.  Great to develop listening skills and expressive body.'
'I had a great time, learnt very useful exercises and met really nice people.'

"Japanese Theatre" - Izumi Ashizawa
I always wanted to explore the universe of Japanese theatre but I never had the opportunity to do that. I’m glad I tried it on Physical Fest!
Izumi’s workshop was very challenging…

'The Ten Inch Heels'

Look who came to our WICKED WOMEN’s rehearsal to show a bit of ‘The Ten Inch Heels’...

FR 14TH JUN (16+)
5.30PM, 6:00PM, 6.30PM, 7:00PM - Unity Theatre
Pay What You Decide

I ask our amazing wicked women to define in one word what they felt during Rowena’s performance:
      Restriction          Captivated           Crumpled                Power           Violence        Intimidated            Eccentric           Repression         Mesmerised          Empowered      
         React                 Submissive                 Determination                 Intensity


Volunteer Team

Get to know our first batch of volunteers...
These are the incredible people who are going to welcome you at every physical fest’s event and will help you with any doubt about our festival.

Our volunteer coordinator Josiah (the guy properly dressed :D ) hit completed the volunteer training!
You can join us next time ;) 

Teatro Pomodoro (UK)

After ‘Cabaret From The Shadows’ went from Physical Fest 2016 to become a Brighton Fringe 2017 award winner, touring nationally and internationally, Teatro Pomodoro have brought in Petra Massey to help devise this new show!!!

They are here to tell a little bit about them show!

"Teatro Pomodoro is anarchic theatre at it's best."- Fringe Review

This show is part of DIVE - 3 extracts of new work, 1 night. Come and witness exciting work from across Europe in clown, bouffant and physical theatre.
Featuring: Teatro Pomodoro, Madame Señorita andReeta Honkakoski Company.